A member of The Genuine Jersey Products Association
Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Sue Le Gresley and I have a passion for making good old fashioned fudges.

My business - Sue's Fudge - is a small home-based set up, hand-making fudges, on the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey.
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Sue’s Fudge fudges are made the traditional way, in small batches, hand stirred over high heat, poured into cooling trays and hand cut. Made with the finest ingredients, including the organic milk, cream and butter, all from beautiful Jersey Cows. No preservatives are used and only natural flavourings are chosen where required.

My vanilla fudge, which is my top seller, has been likened by many to a Scottish tablet……the ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ richness of wholesome butter combined with the bite of a good old fashioned fudge.

Another of my best sellers is Jersey Black Butter Fudge…….the combination of apples, butter and a hint of cinnamon, will have your taste buds tingling! Then there is Rum and Raisin, full of succulent raisins that have been lavishly soaked in real Jamaican rum. Or you might like to try Rich Chocolate Fudge which contains 100% pure cacao. My Ginger Fudge contains chopped stem ginger plus real ginger oil to give an unforgettable kick! Or perhaps you will go for the Bailey’s and Cream flavour, which is the hot favourite for all my female customers!

Have I tempted you enough?....

Mail order available.

Sue's Fudge is a member of The Genuine Jersey Products Association. Genuine Jersey was conceived in 2001 as a non-profit organisation to promote goods which are made, reared, grown or caught in Jersey and its surrounding waters and because of the skills involved in production, may be regarded by consumers as being genuinely 'Local'

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